• Aqua Waste Digester
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AQUACLEAN - Aqua Waste Digester

A range of industrial and municipal waste water treatment facilities and natural water bodies like streams and ponds are accumulation areas of huge quantities of organic waste and sources of strong stench and pathogenic bacteria.

Aquaclean Waste Digester contains powerful waste digesting enzymes to degrade all the principle organic constituents normally found in the natural water bodies and municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities; and can be effectively used in improving the efficiency and odour control there.

Availibility: 10 & 20 litres in bluk quantity


Reduces BOD, COD and SS in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment effluent

Improves the sanitation level of potable water

Enables rapid recovery from upsets

Improves floc settling formation, thus preventing bulking sludge

Improves waste degradation of specific target compounds

Enable to absorb the shock of toxic influent

Enhances the stability of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems

Enhances odour control through natural organic acid oxidation

Environmental friendly, biodegradable component for broader activity spectrum

Non-corrosive to equipments

Application Area







Sewerage Systems

Drainage Systems

Cooling Towers

Grease Pits