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Landmark's New Technology with Hyper Catalase

Landmark Enviro-Care has long realised that mother nature alone holds the best solution for waste management. After nearly two decades of extensive research worldwide with enzymes sourced from nature, Landmark offers a path breaking and innovative technology - Hyper Catalase - bringing forth a host of advanced and eco-friendly waste management solutions with 100% organic active natural enzymes.

What is Hyper Catalase?

It's the most superior enzyme sourced from nature researched, developed and tested across world geographies.

Developed from naturally occurring microbes found in thriving mangrove ecosystems, proven for its amazing ability to sanitise water and environment around it.

A number of bacteria strains and rare yeasts were sourced and clinically concocted through an advanced vacuum freeze drying process to form the Hyper Catalase - which is the catalyst to

Landmark's Hyper Catalase - Product Performance

Effect of Enzoclean on Solid Waste
Effect of Enzoclean on Water Waste