• Solid Waste Neutralizer
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ENZOCLEAN - Solid Waste Neutralizer

Growth of undesirable bacteria in landfills, industrial waste treatment facilities and livestock confinement area produces strong odour from gas offs such as hydrogen sulfide, methane and ammonia. Enzoclean is a degassing and odour eliminator formulated to treat ammonia and other undesirable gases in such areas.

Enzoclean contains high concentration of naturally occurring probiotics, enzyme complexes and odour counteractant, having a very strong and high tolerance to an environment for out-completing and help prevent the outspread of odour and pathogenic bacteria.

Availibility: 10 & 20 litres in bluk quantity


Works to degas all principles of organic and inorganic odour

Helps to eliminate offensive odour producing bacteria

Attacks the layer of organic build up in the porous surface area

Improves the efficacy of degrading accumulated organic wastes

Non-corrosive and non-toxic

Enables accelerated decomposition and higher yield on composting

Eliminates insect menace

Reduces garbage pile temperature, fewer instances of landfill fires

Application Area


Garbage Disposal

Manure Drying Area

Slaughter Houses

Sludge Digester

Cattle Farms

Sheep Farms

Poultry House

Hog Farms

Composting Units

Industrial Units

Residential Societies

Office Premises